English Biography

Born of a painter father and a stylist mother, Warren Podguszer, also called Wawapod, fell into the artistic world when he was a child. At first, he was a pharmacy assistant, but painting imposed itself in his life over the years and his wanderings in the galleries and museums of Paris. He started by retouching and mixing images digitally, then decided to transpose his work onto canvas. He appreciates the idea of an open-air museum, accessible to all, sticking his works in the streets of France. As a young father, he has also recently been holding a series of exhibitions across the country.

Passionate about art and pop culture, Warren likes to refer to cinema and music as much as to the paintings of great masters. His references are just as eclectic: Haring, Banksy or Warhol, Magritte, Da Vinci and Matisse are all represented. Influenced by pop art and street art, the artist begins by elaborating on computer a unique visual based on points and curves that soon form portraits, tributes to the creators he admires. He sometimes uses mirror paint to play on contrasts and light effects. Thus his works often have a first abstract reading which becomes figurative according to the distance from which one is placed and the luminosity of the place.


By diverting certain masterpieces, he aims to make the general public rediscover them and invites them to explore the history of art in a playful, modern and democratic way.